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We all have stories within us, waiting to be told

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by my page. I could go on and write about topics, but when it comes to writing about myself I get a bit tongue-tied. I will give this a shot, so here goes.

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan; a city rich in culture and history and loved for its hospitality. I have spent 25 years of my life in this beautiful city and, it will always remain my first love.

I moved to Cologne, Germany for my Masters and later stayed back for work opportunities. I have been calling it home for the past 7 years. …

Set yourself on the path to achieving your goals in 2021.

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Hello December!

It’s that time of the year, where we reflect on the year gone by, set goals for the new year, and gear up to follow through with renewed vigor. There is just something about the promise of new beginnings, and starting fresh all over again which motivates us to set goals every new year.

However, whilst setting new goals we should also reflect on why the previous goals did not yield results as we expected them to. As it turns out many goals simply fall through within the first 30 days of the new year.
In December 2019 Strava, a social network for athletes, predicted that most people will give up on their resolutions altogether before the first month of 2020 comes to an end. They pinpointed 12th January as a fateful day for resolutions based on data from 822 million online global activities over the course of the year. …

She taught me the secret of believing in my own worth

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When I was 15 I was headed to a College welcome party. A ‘Welcome Party’ is thrown for students in 11th grade to welcome them into College. Pakistan’s standard education system has 10 years of school, followed by two years in College, and then 4 years at University.

Naturally, like most 15-year olds, I was going through a self-doubt phase — I didn’t think I was good enough, and I thought everyone was judging me. I was self-conscious about how I looked and worried about whether I would fit in at the party. …

Empathy — the ability that could change the world.

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Empathy in purely simple terms is understanding another’s feelings.
It is putting ourselves in another’s shoes and trying to understand things from their perspective, and being compassionate towards their struggles.

Empathy = Ability to Connect

Of course, there are moments where we can't fully grasp another person's struggles as we haven't lived them. For example, I can never fully understand the feelings of a person who made a dangerous journey across the ocean to find safer shores for their family, as I have not lived the experience personally. …

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The ‘Where Are You From?’ Question

I moved to Germany some 6 years back. After much effort and practice, I am finally able to communicate in German. Granted my grammar is not the most perfect, and I have limited vocabulary but still, I manage to get by in my day to day life.

Since my education and work are in English, and I am based in a pretty multi-cultural city, I didn’t feel the urgency to master the German language as English is widely spoken and understood here in Cologne.

However, I strongly believe language to be the means of integrating into a new culture and country. If you make an effort to speak another’s language even if a few phrases, this communicates to them that you respect their culture and identity, and are making an effort to reach out to them. …

Remind yourself of these things.

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For most of my life, I have been this person who wants to get proficient at something super quick. I developed an interest in yoga about five years back whereby I also joined a studio to practice yoga three times a week. I would watch in awe at Yogis who could pull a headstand. After a while, I started getting impatient when I couldn't pull a headstand in a mere few weeks and ended up giving up on the practice altogether.

I forgot at that moment that fellow yogis with the perfect poses had been practicing for years, and had trained consistently to get to that point. …

The reason virtual connectivity is energy-draining, and what we can do about it.

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The Coronavirus pandemic resulted in most of us moving to work from home for an initial two-week lockdown. 9 months in, the situation hasn’t much changed. From what it looks like, this working from home situation might carry on for even longer.

Video calling and conferencing has become an essential part of all of our lives, be it working from home, or studying from home, or even staying connected with family and friends we aren’t able to see because of the restrictions.

Zoom Fatigue refers to tiredness, anxiety, and burnout resulting from the overuse of virtual platforms. The term Zoom Fatigue is not solely limited to Zoom, it blankets all video calling tools such as Facetime, Teams, Skype, Whatsapp, and many more. The fatigue is being widely associated with the coronavirus pandemic, as the unprecedented times saw us relying on video calling in ways like never before. …

Keep your sanity whilst working from home

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Germany went into a second lockdown beginning of this month; as a result of which I am back in the Home Office. Some people prefer the Home Office as it helps save time in the commute, and the ease of setting up your schedule. I, for one, prefer to be in the office as that allows the opportunity of meeting colleagues in person, and according to me also helps build team spirit.

I, of course, understand my privilege of having a job in this time of uncertainty and am grateful for a job that can be carried out from home. …

What the Election has brought to the front

Map showing states of America where Democrats and Republicans have emerged victorious
Map showing states of America where Democrats and Republicans have emerged victorious

Between November 3 and now, I, like many others I believe, have been refreshing the Election results, again and again, to see the final results.

As I refresh one more time, I can’t help but wonder to myself, ‘Does it even matter ?’

Considering the narrow margin of votes between the two candidates, and seeing that nearly 50% of voters still chose Trump makes me confused, alarmed, and also sad.

The voters have spoken loud and clear, haven't they? 50% of them support the racist rhetoric, anti-climate policies, and the sexist hate spewed over the past 4 years of Trump’s regime. …

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We are all always trying to up our game in our professional life.

Extensive knowledge of the area of work is important, and there are soft skills that can come in handy.

Being on time

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Being on time requires zero talent, and it’s a habit that makes a good impression in any setting, especially at work.

Most importantly, when you are not rushing to work, you will notice that your day is more positive. Personally speaking, I’ve noticed that every time I’m late for work, it sets a wrong tone for the day.

This habit can be formulated by starting the day a little earlier than usual, so one doesn’t have to rush to get to work on time, or worse, be late.
It allows one time to settle into work for the day and start the day on a positive note. …

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