Why is the idea of women having equal rights considered a threat to society?

Image by Author from a Vigil held in Munich for Femicide Victims in Pakistan

Feminism stands for a very basic definition: ‘A woman should have equal rights, opportunities, and choices to make as a man.’ It is this simple.

It amazes me how the meaning is distorted every single day and a negative connotation is attached to the term. Women demanding equality are scorned…

Incessant social media scrolling isn’t going to help unwind from the day

Photo by Miriam Alonso from Pexels

Every day as I wrap up my day’s work I say to myself, “I will relax a bit and then sit down to write”. Every day my relaxing routine one way or another has me scrolling through social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, News) like a roster.

In my…

Generations later, still enslaved to the colonial past through language

Photo by Shiza Nazir on Unsplash

I speak two languages fluently: Urdu and English.
Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and also my mother tongue. I started learning English in school at the age of five.

Education in Pakistan is available both in English and Urdu, but with a very visible social divide. Private schools…

Let’s get rid of the word “bossy.”

Photo via Anna Shvets on Pexels

Patriarchal structures saw women pushed over by men for centuries. Many cultures saw girls being confined to the domestic aspects of life — boys would be encouraged to get an education in sciences and maths, which were deemed to be career paths unfit for girls.

The impact of gender stereotypes…


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